• Is your computer already infected with a virus? 
  • Are Popup Ads driving you crazy? 
  • Is your PC running slower than usual?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, your computer is most likely infected with a virus or massive amounts of spyware.

Are you ready to take preventative measures to block the infiltration of viruses and spyware into your computer through e-mail or browsing the Internet?

The Friendly Computer Guru makes house calls to make your sick computer healthy.  We have the expertise to assist you in both prevention and removal of the latest viruses and spyware threats. Anyone who browses the Internet and sends e-mails is vulnerable.  Every computer requires virus and spyware protection, and we can provide the necessary tools that you need with fast and friendly on-site service. 

If you think your computer has a virus or spyware, or would like to protect your computer against these internet predators, call the Friendly Computer Guru.


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