If your business uses broadband internet, or has a number of PC’s connected in a network then you may want to consider the advantages that a wireless network (also known as Wi-Fi) will bring to your business.

The following is a handy look at what a wireless network could do for your business, and the advantages that it brings:

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi basically works by sending a secure network and internet signal over a wireless frequency similar to a cordless phone. It allows computers on the network to communicate and browse the internet from anywhere within the wireless area.




A Wi-Fi network allows much easier access compared to a wired network. You can move computers about without having to rewire or change settings. Laptops become truly portable, allowing you access anywhere within the wireless range.

If you do not already have a network, then you can benefit from having easy and quick connection between your computers; and the ability to share a single internet connection.


A Wi-Fi network means that you are no longer required to have large numbers of cables connecting across your office. You can also allow shared access to printers and other devices, which further reduces the number of cables and wires needed.

Easier Upgrading

One of the main advantages of a wireless network is that you can add another computer (up to the maximum number stated on the hub or router) more easily than on a wired network. This reduces the cost of upgrading or adding to your computers if you use an external company to setup or maintain it. You will also face much less disruption to your business as you will not need to shift furniture to wire it up!

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